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Expert NameMr. Hossein Seradjzadeh
DivisionWatershed Management Department
InstitutionWatershed Management Department
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 21 80293311-12
Work ExperienceWork in the field of sand dune fixation at Kerman region and South of Iran, 1968-1970. Work in the field of watershed management implementation of Zanjan & hammadan provinces 1970-1973. One year training in the field of forest hydrology in Germany and 2 years counterpart of France consultant for Sefid Rud project study 1973-1976. 3 years study in Germany for Ph.D. degree, preparing projects studies for a lot of watersheds of Iran 1977-1980 - Working as watershed management expert, Tehran, 1980-1996.
QualificationsM.S. in agriculture science & candidate for Ph.D. in the field of forest hydrology, Tehran Uni. & Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
Number of Publications20
AwardsSome awards from the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and from the Deputy Minister of Jihad-e-Sazandegi.
Other Activities1. Member of Research Center Institute of Jihad-e-Sazandegi as researcher. 2. Member of watershed management corps.
Publications1. Technical dictionary of watershed management "4 Languages". Author: Seradjzadeh, 1993, Tech. Dic. W.M. Vol. 1, 1600 pages, Modaber, Tehran. 2. Glossary of Natural Resources, Author: Seradjzadeh, 1980, GNR/1/80 pages, Natural Resource Organization, Tehran. 3. Methods of watersupply, Seradjzadeh, 1988, M., Water Sp./I/160 pages, Tehran. 4. Earthfill dam & small concrete dams construction, Seradjzadeh, 1982/I/70 pages, Danesh & Fahn, Tehran. 5. Influence of vegetation cover on peak discharge of small catchment. Thesis for Ph.D. degree.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated13/08/2014 11:52:00

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