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Expert NameDr. Morteza Esmaili
TitleProfessor & Project Manager for Pest Mangt.
DivisionCollege of Agriculture
InstitutionUniversity of Tehran
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 261 224022
Work Experience1. An investigation on pomegranate Nek Worm control. 2. A project for improvement of pistachios cultivation in Kashan. 3. Cereal sunn pest investigation project.
QualificationsM.Sc. from Utah State University, Insecticide residue. Ph.D. from Utah State University, Insect - parasite relation. Post doctoral from Kansas State University and University of California.
Number of Publications50
Awards1. 2nd award of Kharazmi in 1987. 2. Distinguished professor of Tehran University, 1989. 3. Distinguished author of Agrrricultural books.
Other Activities1. Member and executive member of entomological society of Iran. 2. Member of Academy of Sciences in Islamic Republic of Iran. 3. Member of New York Academy of Sciences.
Publications1. Effects of solar radiation on efficacy of eidie pompenla granulesis virus, J. Appl. Enlawel. pathal. Vol. (182):7-9999, 1996. 2. A phenomenon for attracting "leopard moth" on wopnuch resion sciences tech. 20-21, 1991. 3. An investigation on two species of lady beetles J. Entomol. Soc. of Iran (2-1) 1992. 4. Distribution of Bethyplectes species on Hypoa postela in Egypt, Iran and Iraq. Entomophage (2) 1980. 5. Effects of Juremil hormon mimics of sunn pest. J. Agr. Tehran, 1993.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated09/05/2007 11:55:00

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