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Expert NameDr. Sadat Feiznia
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionFaculty of Natural Resources
InstitutionUniversity of Tehran
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 261 2230446
Work ExperienceProject: the source studies of aeolian sediments in Yazd - Ardacan Piedmont Forest and Range Research Institute of Iran, 1995. Project: Kavir National Park Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Tehran 1996, Geology and Geomorphology. Project: Investigation of the development effects of Kermanshahan State, Faculty of Environmental Science University of Tehran Geology and Geomorphology. Project: Ecological potential of Tehran province, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Tehran Geology and Sedimentology.
QualificationsPh.D. Degree microfacies analysis sedimentary. Environments sedimentology, University of Illinois, 1985.
Number of Publications10
Awards1. Alborz Foundation Monetary award. 2. Scholarship from University of Tehran to get M.S. & Ph.D. abroad. 3. Scholarship from Ministry of Culture to get M.S. & Ph.D. abroad.
Other Activities1. American Association of Petroleum Geologists. 2. Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mnineralogists. 3. International Association of Sedimentologists.
Publications1. Non-Tear igeneous sedimentary rocks, S. Feiznia, 1993, University of Tehran Publixhing Co. 2. Feiznia et al., 1991, Standard Sand Housing and Building Research Center, Pub. # 135. 50 p. 3. Freiznia S., 1990, Different types of rockballs and their genesis from the Karaj formation Jour. Sciences Islamic Republic of Iran, V. 1, N°4, p. 294-302. 4. Feiznia S., 1995. Resistance of rocks to erosion in different climatic conditions of Iran, Natural Resources Bulletin of Iran, N°47, p. 107-131. 5. Feiznia S., 1990, Characteristics and application of green Alborz tuff, Housing and Building Research Center Pub. N°115, 67 p.
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