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Expert NameDr. Seyyed Ali Aghanabati
DivisionPlanning and Programming Dept.
InstitutionGeological Survey of Iran
CountryIran (Islamic Republic of)
Telephone98 6012919
Work Experience1964-1973: Field Geologist 1973-1975: Deputy Director of the Geological Mapping 1975-1983: Director of the Geological Mapping 1983-1985: Director of the International Educational and Scientific Collaboration Dept. 1986-present: Advisor and director of planning and programming of GSI Teaching excperience in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahwaz (Part time), Universities in Iranian and middle east geology, stratigraphy and field geology.
QualificationsDoctorat d'Etat in Geology, Grenoble University, France, 1975.
Number of Publications5
Other Activities1. Member of Iranian national committee for stratigraphy. 2. Member of Geological Society of Iran. 3. Member of the working group on stratigraphic correlation between sedimentary basins of the ESCAP region. 4. Attendance in some general assemblage of the CGMW and international geological congress.
Publications1. Etude géologique de la région de Kalmard, 1975. 2. Geotectonics of the Tabas earthquake 3. Geological map of Iran, scale 1:2500000, 1984. 4. Geological map of the middle east scale 1:5000000 (Convenor & Compilor) 19 5. Jurassic stratigraphy of Iran, 1997.
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