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Expert NameProf. Uriel Safriel
DivisionThe Blaustein Institute for Desert Research
InstitutionBlaustein Institute for Desert Research
CitySede Boqer
Telephone972 7 65 96 700
Work Experience- Coordinator of the Israel Party 'Joint Study of Desertification Risks in the Wadi Araba Rift Valley', a project supported by the secretariat of the CCD, and carried out jointly by Israel, Jordan and the Palestine Authority; - Regional Expert for Israel of the 'Initiative for Collaboration to Control Natural Resource Degradation (Desertification) of Arid Lands in the Middle East', a joint project of Israel, Palestine Authority, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia, facilitated by the World Bank and emanating from the Working Group on Environment of the Multilateral Middle East Peace Talks; - Head of the Delegation of Israel to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Desertification, and of the Delegation of Israel to the COP1, COP2 and COP3 of the CCD; - Researcher in the multidisciplinar team of the project 'The Tundra Biome', section of 'Structure and Function of Ecosystems' of the International Biological Program (IBP); - Leader of a research team supported by the US-Israel Binatio
QualificationsPh.D. Ecology, Oxford University, 1967
Number of Publications100
Other Activities- Member of the Ecological Society of America - Member of the British Ecological Society
Publications1. Tadmor, N.H., Noy-Meir, I., Safriel, U., Seligman, N., Goldman, A., Katznelson, J., Eyal, E., and Benjamin, R., 1977: A simulation model of a semi-arid Mediterranean grazing system. Israel Journal of Botany, 26, 161-171; 2. Safriel, U., Volis, S., Kark, S., 1994: Core and peripheral populations and global climate change. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, 42, 331-345; 3. Safriel, U.N., 1999: The concept of sustainability in dryland ecosystems. Pp. 117-140 in: Arid Lands Management - Towards Ecological Sustainability. Edited by T.W. Hoekstra & M. Shachak. University of Illinois Press, Urbana; 4. Safriel, U.N., 1995: The role of ecology in desert development. Journal of Arid Land Studies, 5s, 351-354; 5. Safriel, U.N., 1991: Ecological indicators for a healthy desert environment. Advances in Ecology, 1, 1-7
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated21/08/2014 17:04:00

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