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Expert NameMr. Guido Bonati
TitleResearch Director
DivisionAgricultural Economics, National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA)
Work ExperienceDevelopment of agricultural information systems, including decision support systems for farm management Co-ordination of a research project in the field of irrigation in the regions of southern Italy, with a budget of 7 million Euros. Co-ordination of the project CLEMDES to implement a clearing house mechanism on desertification for the northern Mediterranean basin. Co-ordination of activities in the field of desertification, both as a responsible for research within INEA on this topic and as a member of the national committee to combat drought and desertification (focal point for the UNCCD – United Nations convention to combat drought and desertification). The main activities consist of: O Evaluation of projects; O Reparation of reports on desertification, with specific reference to the impact on agriculture; O Development of cartography on risk of desertification in Italy; o Participation to international events organized by the United Nations.
Number of Publications30
Awards1. President of the Italian association of information and communication technologies (1999-2006) 2. Member of the board of the European federation for information technologies in agriculture
Other ActivitiesMember of the Italian association of agricultural economists Consultant in FYR Macedonia as a consultant Estonia for the implementation of the AIS – agriculture information systems (ear – European agency for reconstruction project) Consultant in Estonia for the implementation of the IACS system (PHARE project) Consultant in the Czech Republic for the implementation of the national system for technology transfer in agriculture /PHARE project) CONSULTANT IN FYR MACEDONIA AS A CONSULTANTANT ESTONIA FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE AIS – AGRICULTURE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (EAR – EUROPEAN AGENCY FOR RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT) CONSULTANT IN ESTONIA FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE IACS SYSTEM (PHARE PROJECT) CONSULTANT IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NATIONAL SYSTEM FOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN AGRICULTURE /PHARE PROJECT)
PublicationsBonati G. et al – national atlas of areas with risk of desertification Bonati G. et al. – atlas of irrigation in southern Italy - INEA – 2001 Bonati G. - electronic commerce of agricultural products in italy – in “e-commerce and electronic markets in agribusiness and supply chain”, edited by Schiefer, G., Helbig, R., Rickert, U. - Bonn (Eermany) - 2001 Bonati G. et al. - factors affecting the uptake of information technologies in extension services in south Italy: the Sila experience - proceedings of ICCTA '96 (Wageningen, the Netherlands) Bonati G. et al. - guidelines for the development of the local agricultural information system - INEA - 1996
DisciplineAgricultural economics
Last updated06/11/2014 12:05:00

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