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Expert NameProf. Pier Paolo Roggero
Work Experience-SLIM, Social learning for the integrated management and sustainable use of water at catchment scale (EU-FP5; 2001-04;; -CLIMAGRI, Climate change and agriculture (Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies, 2000-06;; -Ex-post Assessment of the agri-environmental measures in the Marche Region (Italy). (Marche Regional Government, 2005-06; -Best practices to combat desertification in Italy. Ministry of Environment, Territory and Sea and NRD, (; -SOILSINK: Climate change and agricultural and forestry production systems: impact on carbon sink and soil microbial diversity (Responsible or research headline; Italian Ministry of University and Research, 2006-10; -ZVN: innovative strategies to develop sustainable cropping systems in nitrate vulnerable zones (National coordinator; Italian Ministry of University and Research, 2008-10; -AGROSCENARI, Climate change adaptation strategies of Italian agriculture (2008-13; -ECOFINDERS, Ecological functions and Biodiversity Indicators in European Soils (2010-14; EU FP7 in coll. with UNITO.
QualificationsMSc, Agricultural sciences, University of Sassari, 1984
Number of Publications130
Awards1.President of the Italian Society of Agronomy from 2007-11 ( 2.Director of NRD Desertification Research Group, Università degli studi di Sassari from 2008 ( 3.President of the BSc and MSc Degrees in Agricultural Systems at University of Sassari (
Other Activities1.Member of Desertnet International and of the European Society for Agronomy 2.Member of the Editorial board of International Journals (Ecological processes; Italian Journal of Agronomy) and reviewer of a number of international peer reviewed journals. 3.Member of the Agronomists professional association (Sassari, Italy)
PublicationsFARINA R, SEDDAIU G, ORSINI R, ROGGERO PIER PAOLO, FRANCAVIGLIA R (2011). Soil carbon dynamics and crop productivity as influenced by climate change in a rainfed cereal system under contrasting tillage using EPIC. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, vol. 112; p. 36-46 LAGOMARSINO ALESSANDRA, BENEDETTI ANNA, MARINARI SARA, POMPILI LETIZIA, MOSCATELLI M.CRISTINA, ROGGERO PIER PAOLO, LAI ROBERTO, LEDDA LUIGI, GREGO STEFANO (2011). Soil organic C variability and microbial functions in a Mediterranean agro-forest ecosystem. BIOLOGY AND FERTILITY OF SOILS, vol. 47 (3); p. 283-291 CABALLERO RAFAEL, FERNÀNDEZ-GONZÀLEZ FEDERICO, BADIA-PÉREZ ROSA, MOLLE GIOVANNI, ROGGERO PIER PAOLO, BAGELLA SIMONETTA, D'OTTAVIO PARIDE, PAPANASTASIS VASILIOS P, FOTIADIS GEORGIOS, SIDIROPOULOU AANNA, IPIKOUDIS IOANNIS (2009). Grazing systems and biodiversity in Mediterranean areas: Spain, Italy and Greece. REVISTA PASTOS, vol. XXXIX (1); p. 9-152, ISSN: 0210-1270 TODERI MARCO, POWELL NEIL, SEDDAIU GIOVANNA, ROGGERO PIER PAOLO, GIBBON DAVID (2007). Combining social learning with agro-ecological research practice for more effective management of nitrate pollution. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY, vol. 10 (6); p. 561-563, ISSN: 1462-9011, doi: 10.1016/j.envsci.2007.02.006 ROGGERO PIER PAOLO, TODERI M. (2002). Impact of cropping systems on soil erosion in the clay hills of central Italy. In: PAGLIAI M., JONES R.. Sustainable land management – environmental protection. A soil physical approach. Advances in Geoecology. vol. 35, p. 471-480, REISKIRCHEN: Catena Verlag GMBH, ISBN/ISSN: 3-923381-48-4
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