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Expert NameDr. Massimo Iovino
TitleAssociate Professor
Divisionniversità degli Studi di Palermo
Telephone0039 09 123897070
Work ExperienceThe main scientific interests focus on soil hydrology and water resources management with specific regard to laboratory and field determination of soil hydraulic properties, soil salinity assessment and control, development of agro-hydrological simulation models for irrigation assessment and pollution control. He held founds from the Italian Minister of University and Research, University of Palermo and Regione Siciliana and supervised 3 Ph.D. students. Geographical area of experience: Scily
QualificationsPhD in Hydrology
Number of Publications
Awards1. National Scientific Qualification for Full Professor attained on 15/1/2014
Other Activities1. Member of Soil Science Society of America 2. Reviewer for several International Journals (SSSA Journal, Vadose Zone Journal, Journal of Hydrology, Geoderma, Soil Use and Management, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Land Degradation and Development) 3. Independent expert for European Commission, Directorate I – Environment 4. Member of Regional Coordinating Committee for fighting drought and desertification
Publications1. Bagarello V., Di Stefano C., Ferro V., Giordano G., Iovino M., Pampalone V. (2012) Estimating the USLE soil erodibility factor in Sicily, South Italy. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 28(2):199-206; 2. Bagarello V., Di Stefano C., Iovino M., Sgroi A. (2013) Using a transient infiltrometric technique for intensively sampling field-saturated hydraulic conductivity of a clay soil in two runoff plots. Hydrological Processes, 27:3415–3423. oi:10.1002/hyp.94483. 3. Bagarello V., Iovino M. (2010). Conducibilità idraulica del suolo. Metodi di misura nelle applicazioni idrologiche. Hoepli, Milano, Italy. 382 pp. ISBN 978-88-203-4411-5; 4. Antinoro A., Bagarello V., Ferro V., Giordano G., Iovino M. (2014) A simplified approach to estimate water retention for Sicilian soils by the Arya-Paris model. Geoderma, 213: 226- 234. doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2013.08.004. 5. Iovino M., Castellini M., Bagarello V., Giordano G. (2013) Using static and dynamic indicators to evaluate soil physical quality in a Sicilian area.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated14/03/2014 10:08:00

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