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Expert NameDr. Shigenobu Tamai
DivisionArid Land Research Center, Tottori University
CityTottori, Japan
Telephone 81-857-21-7038
Work Experience1.Conservation of mangrove in southern Thailand (by JIPS); 2.Ecologica characteristics of halophytes in Inner Mongolian (by Nissei Found); 3.Revegetation of Caatinga in northeast Brasil (by JICA); 4.Impact of climate changes on stand structure and growth of plants in the southeastern Mediterranean region of Turkey (by Research Institute for humanity and nature).
QualificationsDoctor, Stand Structure and Light Conditions in the Stand, Kyoto University, 1974.
Number of Publications50
Other Activities1. Dynamics of trees in a cool-temperate forest; 2.Stand structure life of local people in a and sub-alpine forest.
Publications1.S.Tamai, P.Iampa, 1988,Establishment and growth of mangrove seedlings in mangrove forest in southern Thailand, Ecological Research, 32,27-38; 2. S.Tamai, Y.Tempo, 1990,Age structure of trees in a natural cool-temperate forest, Journal of the Japanese Forest Society, 72,292-303; 3. S.Tamai,K.Yamanaka, 1977, The effect of removal of Ao layer from the floor of a sand dune forest for Japanese Black Pine on seedling dynamics of P.Thunbergii, Sand Dune Research, 44, 6-14; 4.N.Yamanaka,H.Han,Q.Ma,X.Qinyan,T.Kobayashi,S.Tamai, Stand structure and regeneration of Pinus tabulaeformis forest in the Tayue forest region, Shanxi Province, China, J.Jpn.Soc.Reget.Tech.25,23-241; 5. H.Liu,S.Tamai,I.Furukawa,S.Tatagiri, 2003, A study of the growth of Populus alba L. and changes in soil moisture and salinity under saline irrigation in a sandy soil, Sand Dune Research, 49, 113-120.
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