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Expert NameDr. Kaoru Kashima
DivisionKyushu University
Telephone+81 92 607-6386
Work ExperienceSince 1991, I have continued the surveys to monitoring environmental changes at arid and semiarid regions as Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Mongolia and western part of China (Xingiang Uygur region). My main target for research is to presume long-term environmental histories using geological and GIS techniques at enclosed saline lakes and basins. The detail water environmental changes were discussed by my field surveys at the above regions. Because the water environment was one of the most important factors for civilization and cultivation at desert regions, my project has strong connection to archeological and historic surveys, too. I would like to discuss the relationship between human civilizations and environmental histories in arid regions.
QualificationsDr. Sci. Geography?University of Tokyo, 1986
Number of Publications102
Other Activities1. The coordinator for the Special lectures and scientific seminars at China, Tueky , Mongolia, Egypt and Syria 2. International co-operative for the environmental education at arid regions 3. International research project for drillings at lakes in central Asia
Publications1. Kashima, K. (2006) Palaeo-environmental change at Kaman Kalehöyük, Central Anatolia, Turkey, -- Geo-Archaeological Survey in 2004 and 2005 --. Anatolian Archaeological Studies, no.15, 171-180. 2. Kashima, K. (2003) The quantitative reconstruction of salinity changes using diatom assemblages in inland saline lakes in the central part of Turkey during the Late Quaternary. Quaternary International, 105, 13-19 3. Kashima, K. (2002) Environmental and climatic changes during the last 20,000 years at Lake Tuz, central Turkey, CATENA, 48, 3-20. 4. KASHIMAK. ,Toshiro NARUSE and Koki SUGIURA (1998) Sedimentary environmental change during last 20,000years at Aksaray area, south-east part of Lake Tuz, central part of Turkey -- its relation to the changes of precipitation and evaporation rates, volcanic activity and conditions of human settlements --. Bulletin of Middle East Culture Center Japan?10?202-230. 5. Kashima K. (1996 ) :Sedimentary diatom assemblages in freshwater and saline lakes of the Anatolia Plateau, central part of Turkey :An application for reconstruction of palaeosalinity change during Late Quaternary. Proceeding of 13th. International Diatom symposium, p.93 - 100, Biopress LTD. Bristle, UK.
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