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Expert NameMr. Hajime Utsugi
TitleSenior Researcher
DivisionHokkaido research center Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
CitySapporo City
Telephone+81 11 590-5526
Work ExperienceCREST Project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (2001-2003) and 2.GHG-SSCP Project of the “Global Environmental Research Fund “S-2 of the Ministry of Environment of Japan. (2003-2007)
QualificationsDoctoral degree, Tokyo Univ. 2009
Number of Publications52
Other Activities1. Membership of Ecology Society of Japan 2. Membership of the Japanese Forest Society 3. Membership of the Japanese Association for Arid Land Studies. 4. Membership of the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
Publications1. Utsugi H., Okuda S., Luna A. and Gascon A.F. (2009) Differences in Growth and Photosynthesis Performance of Two Dipterocarp Species Planted in Laguna, the Philippines. JARQ 43:45-53. 2. Utsugi H., Kawarasaki S., Aikawa S., Tanouch H., Takahashi N., Hamano H., Kojima T. and Yamada K. (2009) E. camaldulensis Optimal Planting Density in Desert Western Australia in View of Its Photosynthetic Properties. J. of Arid Land Studies. accepted. 3. Utsugi H., Araki M., Kawasaki T., Ishizuka M. (2006) Vertical distributions of leaf area and inclination angle, and their relationship in a 46-year-old Chamaecyparis obtusa stand. Forest Ecology and Management. 225:104-112. s 4. Utsugi H., Tanouchi H., Hamano H. and Takahashi N. (2006) The difference in leaf morphological and photosynthetic ability of Eucalyptus camaldulensis between natural growth and planted trees in desert western Australia. J. of Arid Land Studies. 15(4):271-274. 5. Utsugi H., Tobita H., Maruyama Y., Ishizuka M.(2005) Spatial and Seasonal Variations in Leaf Mass per Area and Their Relationship to Leaf Nitrogen in a Secondary Northern Hardwood Forest in Japan. Phyton 45(4):245-251.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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