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Expert NameDr. Taichi Maki
TitleVisiting Professor
DivisionAlliance for Research on North Africa (ARENA), University of Tsukuba
Telephone+81 29 853-6442
Work Experience(1) Antarctic Expedition: Meteorological observation, Climatic characteristics, wind profile, inversion layer and etc. (2) Desert Expedition in China: Taklimakan, Turpan, Ninsha and etc.; Meteorological observation, desert climate, windbreak forest, windbreak net, straw-mat network and so on (3) Dry land studies in Tunisia: Climate, agriculture, wind erosion, and so on (4) Agricultural disasters and movement of sand dune in dry land (5) Artificial precipitation or artificial rainfall in dry land
QualificationsPHD Agriculture University of Tokyo 1976
Number of Publications150
Awards1. The Medal with Purple Ribbon in Japan 2. Japan Prize of the Agricultural Science 3. Award of the Japanese Association of Arid Land Studies
Other Activities1. The Science Council in Japan: Chairman in Agricultural Committee 2. President of the Japanese Association of Arid Land Studies 3. President of Japan Association of International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (until May 2009) 4. Member and Advisor of the Society of agricultural Meteorology in Japan 5. Honorary Member of Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists
Publications1. Taichi Maki, 1987, Wind Damage and Wind Breaks, pp.301, Buneido Shuppan (Japanese) 2. Taichi Maki, 1972, Micrometeorological characteristics of atmospheric surface layer near ground in stable stratification in Antarctica. Memoirs Natl. Inst. Polar Res., Meteorology, B2, pp.65. 3. Taichi Maki, 1981, Studies on the windbreak nets, J. Agric. Meteorol. 37(3), 197-210. 4. Taichi Maki, M. Du and B. Pan, 1993, The effect of windbreaks on meteorological improvement and the prevention of wind erosion, J. Agric. Meteorol. 48(5), 683-686. 5. Taichi Maki, and M. Du, 2000, Movement of sand dunes and its prevention by windbreaks at the Turpan Basin and Taklimakan Desert in China, J. of Arid Land Studies, 10(3), 199-204.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated12/08/2014 16:02:00

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