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Expert NameDr. Norikazu Yamanaka
DivisionArid Land Research Center
CityHamasaka, Tottori
Telephone0081 857 217039
Work Experience1._Project leader of “Dust emission, effect assessment and control in degraded drylands; of east Asia” funded by MEXT,Japan (2011-2016) __2. Group leader of GCOE Program “Global center of excellence for dryland science” funded by MEXT,Japan (2007-2011)_ Thematic areas: Afforestation/ Reforestation/ Vegetation degradation; Geographical Focus: China, Mongolia
QualificationsDr. of Agriculture,“Ecological studies on shrub species in a natural beech forest”, Kyoto University, 1989
Number of Publications112
AwardsJapan Revegetation Technology Award by Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology (2006.9)
Other Activities
Publications1. Naoko Matsuo, Kohei Ojika, Elena Shuyskaya, Toshpulat Radjabov, Kristina Toderich, Norikazu Yamanaka(2013) Responses of the carbon and oxygen isotope compositions of desert plants to spatial variation in soil salinity in Central Asia. Ecol Res 28:717–723_____ 2. _Shogo Imada, Kumud Acharya, Yi-ping Li, Takeshi Taniguchi, Fumiko Iwanaga, Fukuju Yamamoto, Norikazu Yamanaka (2013) Salt dynamics in Tamarix ramosissima in the lower Virgin River floodplain, Nevada – Trees, Structure and Function 27:949-958_ 3. Shogo Imada; Takeshi Taniguchi; Kumud Acharya; Norikazu Yamanaka (2013)Vertical distribution of fine roots of Tamarix ramosissima in an arid region of southern Nevada. Journal of Arid Environment 92, 46-52_ 4. _Mei-Jie Yan, Makiko Yamamoto, Norikazu Yamanaka, Fukuju Yamamoto, Guo-Bin Liu, Sheng Du (2013) Comparison of pressure–volume curves with and without rehydration pretreatment in eight woody species of the semiarid Loess Plateau. Acta Physiol. Plant. 35, 1051–1060_ 5. _ Jian Zhang, Takeshi Taniguchi1, Ryunosuke Tateno, Ming Xu, Sheng Du, Guo-Bin Liu, Norikazu Yamanaka(2013.) Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities of Quercus liaotungensis along local slopes in the temperate oak forests on the Loess Plateau, China. Ecological Research 28:297–305
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