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Expert NameDr. Sadahiro Yamamoto
DivisionFaculty of Agriculture
Telephone0081 857 31 5367
Work ExperienceResearch member of Global COE program “Global Center of Excellence for Dryland Science” (2008-2012) : Research on the processes of soil salinization and sodication and restoration of salt and sodium affected soils by using organic waste materials in China Research member of JSPS-CAS Core-University Program (2001-2011): Research on soil salinization and sodication processes related to morphological and physicochemical caracteristics in Luohui irrigation scheme, China Project member of JICA project in Baja California Sur, Mexico (2002-2006): Development of simple soil diagnostic method to assess and control soil salinization and sodication Research member of CREST “Study on Asian River Basins” (2003-2007): Research on soil salinization processes related to irrigation water quality in lower Syrdaria baisn, Kazakhstan Thematic areas: Development of Diagnostic method of soil salinity and sodicity and Restoration of Salt Affected Soils using Recyclable Materials
QualificationsPhD in Agriculture, University of Tokyo, 1997
Number of Publications21
Other Activities1. JICA expert of the Project for Agricultural Development in the Arid Areas in Mexico (1992, 1993) 2. Project manager of JSPS International training program “Capacity Building for Integrated Resource Management in Drylands” (2008-2012)
Publications1. Sato,T., Qadir, M., Yamamoto, S., Endo. and Zahoor, A. , 2013, Global, regional, and country level need for data on wastewater generation, treatment, and use, Agricultural Water Management 130, 1- 13 2. Yamamoto, S. and Endo, T., 2013, Soils on the Loess Plateau in “Restoration and Development of the Degraded Loess Plateau, China” Tsunekawa, A., Liu, G., Yamanaka, N., DU, S. (Eds.), 35-46, Springer, Tokyo 3. Kalemelawa, F., Nishihara, E., Endo, T., Ahmad, Z., Yeasmin, R., Tenywa, M.M. and Yamamoto, S.*,2012,An evaluation of aerobic and anaerobic composting of banana peels treated with different inoculums for soil nutrient replenishment, Bioresource Technology, 126, 375-382 *Corresponding author 4. Endo, T. , Yamamoto, S., Haruta, T., Kitamura, Y., Li, Z., Li, P. and Honna,T. , 2012, Soil salinization related to morphological and physicochemical caracteristics in Luohui irrigation scheme, China. Arid Land Research and Management, 26, 122-136 5. Endo,T., Yamamoto, S., Juan A. Larrinaga, J.A., Fujiyama, H. and Honna, T. ,2011, Status and causes of soil salinization of irrigated agricultural lands in southern Baja California, Mexico. Applied and Environmental Soil Science, Volume 2011, Article ID 873625: 1-12
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated12/08/2014 16:54:00

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