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Expert NameDr. Masahiro Saito
DivisionSilviculture Division, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
InstitutionHokkaido Research Center
Telephone81 11 851-4131 ext 241
Work ExperienceWe surveyed the composition of the plant communities, ground water level, salinity of soil and ground water and so on. In the results, the tree conditions on the water such as the amount, the quality (mainly salinity) and the seasonal distribution in each site, determined the distributions of those plant communities. Moreover, we measured continuously temperature and humidity in the deserts and oases, made obvious difference on the micro-climate between both. I measured temperature and humidity in some vegetation types, and made a climate difference clear in the Atacama Desert and semi-arid region near Santyago, Chile At present, I participate a project which recovery forests in Australia semi-arid area and make amount of C02 fixation increase. In the project, I am in charge of the decision of plantation plan and study on the relations between site conditions and plan communities.
QualificationsBachelor, Forest Ecology, Tokyo University, 1971 Master, Forest Ecology, Tokyo University, 1973 Doctor, Forest Ecology, Tokyo University, 1985
Number of Publications100
Other ActivitiesNone
Publications1. M. Saito and T. Tanimoto (1994) Moderation of micro-climate by vegetation in an arid region - Temperature and Humidity in the North-West part of China. Journ. For. Environ. 36: 73-79 2. M. Saito and T. Tanimoto (1995) Water salinity in North-West China. Journ. For. Environ. 37: 9-18 3. M. Saito (1997) Prosopis spp. Silvics of tropical trees Vol. 1, 96-102, JIFPRO, Tokyo 4. M. Saito (1997) Schinus molle. Silvics of tropical trees Vol 2, 193-198, JIFPRO, Tokyo 5. M. Saito, T. Tanimoto and P. Qui (1998) Flora of the Hexi Corridor, China, Hoppo Ringyo 50: 179-184
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/08/2014 16:18:00

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