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Expert NameDr. Yoshihito Shimada
DivisionGraduate School of Letters
InstitutionGraduate School of Letters, Nagoya University
Telephone81 52 789 5697
Work ExperienceTen of ethnological missions in Sahara and sub-Sahara Africa from 1979, especially Cameroon and Mali, In Cameroon and Nigeria, I have first studied Fulani Islamic States which formation has been made by Fulani Jihad in 19th century and concluded that their economical power became from Cattle economy. My first thesis for sub-Sahara civilization consists in the importance of pastoral people's economic political and religious power. My second thesis which is derived also from my own field studies on Djennée and Tombouctou is the importance of Trans-Sahara Trade. The third is the importance of the vast flood plains of the Niger River, foyers for pastoral people, rice cultivating people and fishing peoples. From this kind of point of view I have written many articles and participated in many seminars and symposium against desertifcation. 2). At Djennée where I have worked as anthropologist from 1986 realizing the serious desaster of drought, I have created a grass root voluntary associat
QualificationsDr. 3e cycle (ethnology 1985), Dr of letters (2000), Professor (Shizuoka University 1994, Nagoya University 2000
Number of Publications60
Awards11"Prize of Watsuji Tetsuro 1999 17th Prize of Shibusawa 1988 14th Prize of NIRA - Toohata Slichiro 1998 1st Prize of the Japanese Association of Arid Land Studies 2001
Other Activities1. Boarding member and Editer in chief for the Japanese Association for Arid Land Studies 2. Boarding member of a Japanese NGO Action for Greening Sahel. 3. Boarding member of Dental Djennée (grass root voluntary association of young in Djennée) 4. Visiting researcher of the Arid Land Rsearch Center, Toltori University 5. Member of Djennée Patrimoine
PublicationsShimada Yoshihito, 1997, Djennée morte- Le delta intérieur du Niger et les problèmes de sécheresse, 117 pp, (in French), Research Center for Regional Geography: Hiroshima University 2. SHIMADA Yoshihito, 1996, Anthropology of Pastoral Islamic State - Capital, Power and Salvation in Savanna (in Japanese). 299 pp., Sekai Shisoo Sya. Kyoto. 3. SHIMADA Yoshihito, 1999, Elegant Africa - Life in polygamique and super-ethnic Kigdom, Rey-Bouba (in Japanese) ,256pp. Akashi Syoten, Tokyo 4. SHIMADA Yoshihito, MATSUDA Motoji and WAZAKI Haruka, eds., 2001, Urban Anthropology of Africa (in Japanese), 314pp. Sekai Shisoo sya kyoto. 5. SHIMADA Yohihito, 1999, Regional Structure of West Africa, in TAKAYA Yoshikazu ed., Essays on Inter-Regional Studys. Regions from a World Wide point of View, pp-247-270, Kyoto University Press Kyoto
DisciplineAnthropology and Sociology
Last updated21/08/2009 16:11:00

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