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Expert NameMrs. Yoko Ozeki
Telephone81 90 294-9280
Work Experience5/2000, Work as regesglier with PELUM Zimbabwe (local NCD/CVD network on PELUM-Participatory Ecological Land se Management on seeking for alternative market for communal farmer in Zimbabwe in line with Particpatory Ecological Land use management of PELUM and Indigenous knowledge system (IKS),(Zimbabwe) 3/2000 -7/1993: Work as Vice President March 2000 - April (1999) Secretary General (March 1999-July 1993) of Africa Japan forum (AJF) and Japanese Network NGO,
Qualifications1982, BA. English Leterature, Aromi Women's University
Number of Publications62
Other Activities
Publications1. Author: And Sudies 2000,atlas, "Viewpoint from Discussion of African NGO's" Journal of and Land Studies 0-1, 16-20 (2000), 5 pages (PI6-P20) Tokyo 2. Author: Association for International Cooperation of Agricultue & Forestry, 1996, title "Zimbabwe's Agriculture and Farmers' efforts of Development", AICAF's Bimonthly Bulletin Vol. 19, No.1 8 pages (P24-P31) Tokyo 3. Author (editor) None UMHASII/Chiniro Saito, 1998 title: Chapter 9: NGOs in Africa", Hand Book NGO, 13 pages (199-P212), publisher; Akashi-shoten, Tokyo, 4. Author: IDE-JETRO Institute of Developing Economes, 1999, title: Unfuffiled Expectations on TICADII, vies of an NGO observer" Africa Report, No.28 4pages(P6-P9), Tokyo 5. Author: The Foundation for Earth Environment 1995-1997, title: "senes of essay, Real Faces of Africa (Sugge-no-africa Kenbunroku) Earthian "INCD, 1995-9, 1995-10, 1995-11, 1995-12, 1996-1, 1996-2, 1996-3, 1996-4, 1996-5, 1996-5, 1996-6, 1996-7, 1996-8, 1996-9, 1996-10,1996-11, 1996-12,1997-1, 199
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated21/08/2009 15:17:00

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