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Expert NameDr. Kenji Omasa
DivisionGraduate School of Agriculture & Life Sciences
InstitutionUniversity of Tokyo
Telephone81 3 5841-5340
Work ExperienceI have two research projects of the Global Environment Research Fund in Japan, relating to global change and desertification. In these projects, we have carried out researches in Chinese deserts. We also have studies on modeling and monitoring the effects of climate change and desertification.
QualificationsDoctorate, Engineering, University of Tokyo, 1985 Masters, Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University, 1975
Number of Publications250
Awards1. Award of Japanese Society of Environment Control in Biology 2. Award of the Director General of the Science and Technology Agency 3. Award of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan
Other Activities1. Member of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 2. Member of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan 3. Member of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan 4. Member of Society of Environmental Science, Japan 5. Member of Japanese Society of Environment Control in Biology
Publications1. Omasa, K., et al. (eds.), 1996, "Climate Change and Plants in East Asia", Springer-Verlag, 1-215. 2. Tobe, K., Omasa, K., et al., 1997, "Seed Generation of Chinese Desert Plants", J. Agr. Met. 52, 689-692. 3. Mo, W., Omasa, K., et al., 1998, "Responses of Photosyntheis and Water Use to Drought in Two Desert Annuals, Agriophyllum Squarrosum and Bassi Dasypylla", J. Arid Land Studies, (in press). 4. Omasa, K, 1994, "Diagnosis of Trees by Portable Thermographic System", In "Immissionsokologische Forschung in Wandel der Zeit", W. Kuttler and M. Jochimsen,eds., Essener Okologische Schriften 141-152. 5. Omasa, K., et al., 1998, "Asborption of Atmospheric Formaldehyde by Plants", In "Responses of Plant Metabolism to Air Pollution", L.J. de Kok and I. Stulen, Backhuys Publishers, 395-398
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 17:32:00

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