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Expert NameDr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi
DivisionGraduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
InstitutionThe University of Tokyo
Telephone81 3 5841-5051
Work ExperienceParticipant of the following research project: 1. Holocene and recent climatic change and fluctuation in Australia and New Zealand (1980) 2. Environmental changes caused by human impacts in semi-arid regions of Australia (1982-1983) 3. Savannization processes in Tropical Africa (1987-1990) 4. The development of sustainable biological production technologies harmonized with regional environmental condition in East Africa (1995-1999) 5. Impact analysis of metroplotan policies for development and environmental conservation in the Philippines (1997-2001)
QualificationsDr. Agr., Landscape Planning, The University of Tokyo, 1980
Number of Publications96
AwardsJapanese institute of Landscape Architects Award Isikawa Award of the City Planning Association of Japan Rural Planning Association Award
Other ActivitiesJapanese Institute of Landscape Architects City Planning Association of Japan Rural Planning Association Association of Japanese Geographers
Publications1. Takeuchi, K. (1994): Creating a New Eco-Environment, The University of Tokyo Press, Tokyo, 198pp. (in Japanese) 2. Takeuchi, K., Katoh, K., Nan, Y., and Kou, Z., (1995) Vegetation cover change in desertified Kerqin Sandy Lands, Inner Mongolia, Geogr. Rep. Tokyo Metropol. Univ., 30, 1-24 3. Takeuchi, K., Ide, M., Yokohari, M., and Brown, R.D., (1995) Relationships of landform and biological diversity in landscape ecology. Transactions Japanese Geomorph. Union, 16(3), 215-225 4. Takeuchi, K., and Tanaka, M., eds. (1998): Sustainable Use of Bioresources, Global Environmental Studies Series No. 6, Iwanami Pub., Tokyo, 284 pp. (in Japanese) 5. Takeuchi, K., Namiki, Y., and Tanaka, H., (1998): Designing eco-villages to revitalise Japanese rural areas. Ecological Engineering (in printing)
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated24/01/2014 17:06:00

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