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Expert NameDr. Atsushi Tsunekawa
DivisionArid Land Research Center
InstitutionThe University of Tokyo
Telephone81 857-21-7036
Work ExperienceParticipant of the following research project: 1. Feasibility study on the environmental assessment of desertification in arid and semi-arid areas (1990-1991) 2. Research on the evaluation of interaction between desertification and human activities in India (1992-1994) 3. The development of sustainable biological production technologies harmonized with regional environmental condition in East Africa (1995-1999) 4. Impact analysis of metropolitan policies for development and environmental conservation in the Philippines (1997-2001)
QualificationsDr. Agr., Landscape Planning, The University of Tokyo, 1989
Number of Publications71
Other Activities1. The Remote Sensing Society of Japan 2. The GIS Association of Japan 3. The Japanese Association for Arid Land Studies 4. Japanese Institute of Landscape Architects 5. The Ecological Society of Japan
Publications1. Tsunekawa, A., 1994. Desertification monitoring using remote sensing techniques. In: Miyazaki, T., Tsunekawa, A., editors. Towards solving the global desertification (2) Research on the evaluation of interaction between desertification and human activities. Tsukuba: National Institute for Environmental Studies. Report nr F-69-94/NIES. 70-79 2. Tsunekawa, A., Ikeguchi, H., Kainuma, M., Tobe, K., and Omasa, K., (1993): Effects of climatic change on the vegetation distribution in Japan. J. Agr. Met., 48(5), 867-870 3. Tsunekawa, A., Zhang, X., Zhou G., Omasa K., 1995. Predicting responses to climatic change of the potential vegetation distribution in China. J Agr. Meteorol 51: 245-257 4. Tsunekawa, A., Myazaki, T., Kar, A., 1996. Desert mapping using NOAA/AVHRR in Rajasthan, India. In Singh R.B. editor. Disasters, environment and development (proceedings of International Geographical Union seminar, New Delhi, December 9 - 12, 1994). New Delhi: Oxford & IBH; 1996. 283-297 5. T
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