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Expert NameDr. Takashi Kosaki
InstitutionKyoto University
Telephone81 75 753-6126
Work Experience1. Wetlands Utilization Project in West Africa (1982-1992), worked with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) for establishing sustainable crop production system by introducing rice-based farming system in the wetlands of West Africa. 2. Comprehensive soil fertility evaluation project (1984-1995), worked with IITA and Japanese universities for establishing comprehensive and quantitative method of soil fertility status for arable soils in the Tropics, I.e. East and West Africa, Tropical Asia and South America. 3. Environmental protection and agricultural reconstruction project in Kazakhstan, Central Asia (1992- present), working with Kazakh Institute of Grain Production and Kazakh Agrarian University for establishing sustainable land use strategy with emphasis on the environmental protection and stable food production under arid and semi-arid climate, i.e. Aral Sea region and Northern Kazakh Steppe region.
Qualifications1. BS (Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University, 1975) 2. MS (Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University, 1977) 3. Ph.D (Soil Science, Kyoto University, 1982)
Number of Publications71
AwardsEncouragement Award of Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (1989)
Other Activities1. Council member of Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 2. Council member of Japanese Society of Pedology 3. Membership of Soil Science Society of America 4. Membership of The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
Publications1. Yanai, J., Yabutani, M., Kang, Y., Huang, B., Luo G. and Kosaki, T. 1998. "Heavy metal pollution of agricultural soils and sediments in Liaoning Province", China. Soil. Sci. Plant Nutr. 2. Tsujimura, S., Nakahara, H., Kosaki, T., Ishida, N. and Karbozova, E. 1998: "Distribution of soil algae in salinized irrigation land in the arid regions of Central Asia I, A case of 14-year-old Bereke Farm in the flood plain of River Ili, Kazakstan". Soil Sci. Plant Nutr., 44 (1), (53-65) 3. Issaka, R. N., Masunaga, T., Kosaki, T. and Wakatsuki, T. 1996: "Soils of inland Valleys of West Africa: General fertility parameters". Soil Sci. Plant Nutr., 42 (71-80). 4. Yanai, J., Nakano, A., Kyuma, K. and Kosaki, T. 1997: "Application effects of controlled -availability fertilizer on dynamics of soil solution composition". Soi Sci. Soc. Am. J. 61(1781-1786) 5. Kosaki, T., Funakawa, S., Suzuki, R., Karbozova, E. and Ishida, N. 1995: "Salt-affected soils under large-scale irrigation agriculture in
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/08/2014 15:44:00

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