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Expert NameDr. Tatyana Bragina
TitleDoctor of Biological Science
InstitutionNaurzum National Nature Reserve
CityVillage Dokuchaevka
Telephone7 314 54 91 838/141/701
Work Experience* Participant of field science investigations in Rostov Region (steppe zone, Cauca Sus) of Russia, 1971-1976. * Advisory and participant of science investigations region andsome expeditions in Vral and Sibirian Regions of Russia ( Forest Ecosystems, Mountains Ecosystems, Steppe Ecosystems, Meadows Ecosystems, 1976 to present.
Qualifications- Biology, Biology and Soil Department, Rostov University, 1976 - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Ecology, Institute of Ecology and Plants and Animals, 1987
Number of Publications106
Awards* Award from the Government of Kazakstan (Certificate) for Wildlife Investigations and Conservation (1984). * Stipend from SOROS Foundation based on Scientific Competition regarding biodiversity (1993-1994)
Other Activities* National Coordinator in Kazakstan for World Wildlife Fund (WWF- International) project to conserve biodiversity. * Member of National Troop to prepare National Strategy to conserve biodiversity. * Member of National Coordinating Committee to GEF/Small GrantProgram for Kazakstan, UN Programme. * Member of the group to prepare National Report of National Active Programme. * Lecturer at the Institute for Continuing Education for ecology course. * Director of NGO Naurzum - RION Central Asia focal point for Kazakstan
Publications1. Bragina, T.U. 1987. Soil Inverebrate Fauna in the Pine forests of Naurzum Nature Reserve. Ecology and Geography of Invertebrates of Siberia. Novosibirski: Science, Sibirian Publishing Department, p.p. 29-30. 2. Bragina, T.U. 1987. Strucutre, Distribution and Dynamics of Soil Mesofauna in Dry Steppe. Kazakstan. 1987. Annotation of doctoral dissertation: Sverdlovsk, 22 pp. 3. Bragina T.U. 1986. Recommendation of Methods to Eliminate Root-eating Insect Pests in Cultured Forest on the Sand Soils of the Dry Steppe Zone. Alma-Ata: Kitap publishing. 26 pp. 4. Bragina, T.U. 1995. Climate for Conservation Uncertain in Kazakstan. J. Surviving Together. Vol 13 Isue 3 Autumn 1995, pp. 58-59. 5. Bragina T.U. and Bragin E.A. Reserves of Kazakstan. Problems and Ways to Exit from Crisis. Bulletin of Nature Conservation, No. 8 February 1996. pp. 4-5.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 14:57:00

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