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Expert NameDr. Bolat Bekniyaz
TitleDeputy Director General
Telephone+71 72 79-81-96
Work ExperienceWas directly involved in the development of the Concept of Ecological Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Concept of Transition of Kazakhstan to sustainable development and environmental protection programs, programs to combat desertification, sustainable development Balkash-Alakol pool. Is the executor of republican and international scientific programs on the problem of the Aral Sea. Participated in the foundation and development of the republican program "Aral" and Feasibility Study "Environmental Rehabilitation of the Aral Sea region of Kazakhstan".
QualificationsPhD in geography, hydrogeology and engineering geology, Kazakh National Technical University named after KI Satpayev, 1984-1999
Number of Publications29
Awards1. Prize KI Satpayev for a series of scientific papers 2. National Coordinator in Kazakhstan, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification 3. Member of Council for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Other Activities1. Member of Council for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the corresponding member of the International Academy of Environmental Safety of Public and environmental management.
Publications1. Bochkarev V.P, Pozdnishev D.P, Bekniyazov B.K, Marinenko G.A, 1991, a set of maps of the dynamics of the environment Aral Sea region, Kazakhstan's Science News. Series: The development of modern science. The Future of Science, 3 pages, 15-17, Almaty [in Russian]. 2. Pozdnishev D.P, Bekniyazov B.K, 1992, Using satellite imagery to address the geo-environmental problems. News of Science of Kazakhstan. Express information. Appendix: Science of Kazakhstan - space exploration. 3 pages, 43-45. Almaty [in Russian]. 3. Bekniyazov B.K, 1996. Engineering and geological map of the Aral Sea 1:500000, a set of maps of the environment Aral Sea, Tashkent [in Russian]. 4. Akiyanova F..ZH., Bekniyazov B.K, and others, 2006, Desertification is land degradation as the Republic of Kazakhstan, volume 3 of the Environment and Ecology ". 57 pages, 197-254, Almaty [in Russian]. 5. Bekniyazov B.K, 2007, On the implementation of the Concept of Transition of Kazakhstan to Sustainable Development for 2007-2024, Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual problems of ecology and natural resources in Kazakhstan and adjacent areas", 4 pages, 428-431, Pavlodar [in Russian].
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