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Expert NameDr. Gulmira Mussatayeva
TitleSenior Researcher
Telephone+7 727 291-87-54
Work ExperienceDirect participation in basic and applied projects program for the Aral Sea problem: «The transformation of arid landscapes in terms of anthropogenic desertification, and environmental activities», «Scientific support regional scheme to combat desertification and restoration of destabilized ecosystems Kazakhstan Aral Sea», «The desertification processes in landscapes of pastoral use (Kazakhstan's Aral Sea)», «Integrated environmental research on the territory Shuchinsk-Borovsky resort to identify ways of sustainable development». Participation in all field studies of including in the dried Aral Sea since 1985.
QualificationsPh.D. in Geography, Geography, Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, 1980-1985
Number of Publications19
Other Activities
Publications1. Budnikova T.I., Mussatayeva G.B., 2006, Landscape-ecological mapping of rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop strategies for their sustainable development (the example of East-Kazakhstan region), Gidrometeorologiya and Ecology, 9 pages. 153-161, Almaty [in Russian]. 2. Mussatayeva G.B., 2007, Methodological bases of the study of the dynamics of landscapes dried Aral Sea, Proceedings of the International .. scientific and practical conference "The current state of forestry and greening in Kazakhstan: problems, solutions and prospects", 6 pages, 302 -307. Schuchinsk [in Russian]. 3. Budnikova T.I., Mussatayeva G.B., 2007, Environmental consequences of the Aral crisis in Kazakhstan, Proceedings of the Xth International Conference on Ecology and Development Society, 6, pages 38-43, St. Petersburg [in Russian]. 4. Mussatayeva G.B, 2009, Diagnostic indicators of landscape degradation recreational use Shuchinsk-Borovsky resort, Search. A series of natural and technical sciences, 5 pages, 263-267, Almaty [in Russian]. 5. Geldyeva G.V., Budnikova T.I., Mussatayeva G.B., 2009, Landscape-ecological zoning as a basis for sustainable development of natural-economic system in the capital region of Kazakhstan. Terra. 7 pages, 85-91, Almaty [in Russian].
DisciplineLand Use Planning
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