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Expert NameDr. Mikhail Rubinshtein
TitleScientific Consultant
DivisionResearch Institute of Soil Science
InstitutionMinistry of Science-Academy of Science
Telephone7 3272 48 13 40
Work ExperienceFocus and nature of past and present research work: soil physics, soil productivity, anthropogenic soil change. 1. 1948 - 1986 : Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture 2. 1986 - 1997 : Research Institute of Soil Science of the Ministry Science-Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
QualificationsDr. Prof Soil Science, Kazan State University, 1941
Number of Publications204
Awards* 10 medals * Member of the Scientific Council
Other Activities
Publications1. The Soils of the Kokchetav oblast. Alma-Ata, Publishing House of the Academy of Science, 1960, 137 pages. 2. Agronomical characteristic and analysis of soils. Alma-Ata Publishing house of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1964, 51 pages. 3. The Soils of Kazakhstan. Hand-book of agronomist. Alma-Ata, Kaynar (in russian), 1985, 331 pages. 4. Arable soils of the foothills' plains of the Than-Shan. Alma-Ata, 1988, 130 pages. 5. using of the results of the "soils" analysis for promotion of its fertility. Kiev, 1988, 170 pages.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated12/11/2014 17:19:00

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