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Expert NameDr.. Galina Makulbekova
TitleLeading Scientific Researcher
DivisionScience Res. Inst. of Botany and Phytointroduction
InstitutionMinistry of Science-Academy of Science
Telephone7 3272 61 53 39
Work ExperienceInventory and cartography of pasture lands; study of dynamics and transformation of vegetation; revelatio space dependence of sand vegetation; processes of desertification; creation of different cartography models.
Qualifications* Ph. D. Biology, Perm State University, Russia, 1959
Number of Publications87
Awards1. The medals of the exhibition of USSR, Moscow, 1984, 1986
Other Activities1. Member of the Botany Society 2. Consultant of the Ministry Ecology and Natural Resources
Publications1. Modern state and prognosis of desertification in arid zone of USSR. J. Problems of Desert Development, N5, 1986, p. 58-68. 2. Mapping estimation of the maining function of plant of the North Turan Desert. J. Problems of Desert Development, N5, 1992, p. 65-68. 3. The Ecological evalution of the present condition Rangeland vegetation of Kazakhstan Desert. V. International Rangeland Congress. v. 1, p. 338-339. Salt Lake City, Utah, 1995. 4. The vegetation cover as an indicator of desertification processes in Kazakhstan. Internationa Conference of Land Degradation. 1996, Adana, Turkey. Abstract, p. 106. 5. National Action Program to Combat Desertification in the republic of Kazakhstan, 1997, Almaty, Konjik (in Russian), 166 p.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 17:37:00

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