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Expert NameDr. Lidija Kurochkina
TitleMain Scientific Researcher
DivisionRes. Inst. of Botany and Phytointroduction
InstitutionMinistry of Science-Academy of Science
Telephone7 3272 61 53 39
Work ExperienceFocus and nature of past and present research work: Geobotanic ecological pasture investigations of desert (field carographic stationary on dynamics of vegetation on ecosystem level), estimation of bioproductivity, biodiversity and desertification in arid zone; leadership of international courses on ecology and desertification. Higher education 1949 -1953 : postgraduate 1953 - 1975 : Junior, Senior Research Fellow 1975 - 1992 : Head of Laboratory of Ecology 1992 - present : Main Research Fellow
Qualifications* Dr. Prof. Almaty Pedadogic Institute, 1949
Number of Publications160
AwardsMedals and other kind of awards of Kazakhstan
Other Activities1. Leadership of international courses on ecology and desertification. 2. Member of the Council on problems on desertification, Moscow 3. Member of the Botany Society of Kazakhstan 4. Consultant of the Ministry Ecology and Natural Resources
Publications1. Psammophytic vegetation of desert of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1978, 250 p. 2. Forage vegetation of the pastures of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1990, 150 p. 3. National Action Program to Combat Desertification in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almatym "Konjik+, 1997, 166 p.
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