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Expert NameMr. Marat Ishankulov
TitleChairman of Committee on International Conventions
DivisionNational Environmental Center
InstitutionMinistry of Ecology and Natural Resources
Telephone7 3272 507784/608537
Work ExperienceTheoretical researches on natural territory of the alluvial fans; methodology problems of the soil irrigation; man-made soil pollutions. Experience in teaching medical ecology.
QualificationsDr., Professor, Geography, Kazakh State University, 1960
Number of Publications95
Other Activities1. Member of the Science Council
Publications1. Influence of Environmental pollution on health of Population in Kazakhstan. Reports of Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. No.3, 1995, p. 70-79. 2. Talas od irrigations areas. Nauka (in russian), Alma-Ata, 1978, 211 pages. 3. Methods of the space analysis of salinized soils. Nauka (in russian), Alma-Ata, 1986, 168 pages. 4. Medical Ecological Atlas of the Republic of Kazakhstan (in print). 5. Development of the natural complexes of the bated bottom of Atal. Geography and natural resources. No.2, 1985.
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