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Expert NameMr Woo-Kyun Lee
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionDept. of Forest Resources and Environmental
InstitutionKorea University
CountryRepublic of Korea
Telephone82 2 3290 3016
Work ExperiencePreparing growth model GIS-based forest management system Rgional Forest management planning Ecosystem inventory in an urban forestry Survey method of structure, density & diversitty in Mixed stand
QualificationsDoctor of Forestry, Forest, Gottingen/Germany, 1993
Number of Publications20
Other ActivitiesAdjunct Senior Researcher, Forestry Research Institute, Seoul Korea
Publications1. Kim, Y.K., Lee, W.U. 1999: Development of Forest resources information system using forest type map and GIS, Korean Journal of Forest Measurement (KJFM): 40-49 2. Lee, W.K., Seo, J.H., Hwang, J.W., Kim, Z.S., 1999: DBH-growth model by competition index of Pinus Koraiensis KJFM 2(1) : 21-30 3. Lee, W.K., etal, 1999: Development of an urban forest management system based on information of topography, soil and forest type, JEIA 8(3) 1-15 4. Lee, W.K., Gadow, K.V., AKYA, A. 1999: World struktur und Lorentz-Model, AFJZ 170 : 220-223 5. Lee, W.K., Byun, W.H., Yoon S.M., 1998 : A Study on the methodological improvements of forest management planning, KJFE 6(1) : 84-97
Last updated17/11/2014 14:03:00

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