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Expert NameMr. Minhwan Suh
TitleSenior Researcher
DivisionEnvironmental Ecology Division
InstitutionNational Institute of Environmental Research
CountryRepublic of Korea
Telephone82 2 389 6484
Work ExperienceName of project participated:Management of National Forests" Ecology and regeneration of Korean oak species Impacts of acid deposition in Forests Distribution status and effects of naturalized plants in Korea Development of sink trees for air pollutants
QualificationsPh.D., Forest Ecology, Seoul National University, 1993
Number of Publications33
Other ActivitiesThe Ecological Society of Korea The Korean Forestry Society The Korean Plant Specialist Group The Korean Association for Conservation of Nature The Korean Society of EIA
PublicationsM.H. Suh et al. 1998. Natural Monuments in Korea. Kyohak Publ. Co., Seoul M.H. Suh and D.K. Lee. 1998. Stand structure and regeneration of Quercus mongolica forests in Korea. Forest Ecology and Management 106:27-34 M.H. Suh et al. 1997. Distribution of naturalized plants in Korea. J. of Korean Biota. 2:139-164 M.H. Suh, et al. 1997. Characteristics and distribution pattern of Eupatorium rugosum at Mt. Namsan in Seoul. J. Korean Ecology 20(4):285-291. M.H. Suh, et al. 1995. Problems and amelioration measures on the assessment on terrestrail ecosystem field in environmental impact statement. Jouranal of EIA. 4(1):37-46
Last updated17/11/2014 13:23:00

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