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Expert NameMr Jaeyong Choi
TitleAssociate Fellow
DivisionKorea Environment Institute
InstitutionKorea Environment Institute
CountryRepublic of Korea
Telephone82 2 3488 7635
Work ExperienceSenior researcher (1993-1997) Asia-Pacific Environment Management Institute, Korea Researcher (1986-1988) Park & Open Space Lab, Seoul National University, Korea Manager (1998-1999) J.K. Construction Co., Washington D.C., USA Korean Society of Environmental Impact Assessment British Society of Gerontology
QualificationsPh.D., Planning Studies, Univeristy College London (UCL), University of London, 1998
Number of Publications10
Other Activities
PublicationsPaik, K.W & Choi, J.Y., 1998 Pipeline gas in Northeast Asia The Royal Institute of International affairs Briefing Paper No 39 London: RIIA(Energy and Environmental Programme), 1-6 Paik, K.W & Choi, J.Y., 1997, Pipeline gas trade between Asian Russia Oil and Gas Journal, Vol 95, No33, 41-44 Choi, J.Y., 1998, Multi-dimensional view of QoL Amongst the elderly in Seoul, Korea Ph.D. Dissertation at University of London Choi, J.Y., & Han, S.W., 1996, Comprehensive Environmental Review for Power Plants, Seoul, Korea> Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Choi, J.Y. & Kim. K.G., 1989, Climate, Urbanization and green spaces in Urban Areas. UNESCO
DisciplineEnvironmental planning
Last updated17/11/2014 12:54:00

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