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Expert NameMr Ji Hong Kim
DivisionDept of Forest Resources
InstitutionKangwon National University
CountryRepublic of Korea
Telephone82 361 250 8333
Work ExperienceBeing Supported by the theoretical and practical informations of forest ecology, especially succession community classification and community structure, I have had some field experience on the natural regeneration in the temperate deciduous forest and silvicultural systems to be selected.
QualificationsPh.D. in Forest Ecology Michigan State University, U.S.A
Number of Publications48
Other Activities
Publications1. Kim,J.H. et al., 1999, The pattern of Natural Regeneration by three Different Silvicultural Systems a Natural Deciduous Forest, Jour Korean For SOC, 88(2), 169-178 2. Kim, J.H. et al., 1998, The application of shelterwood Method for direct seeding Regeneration in Pinus Koraiensis Mature Stand, J. Res. For Kir, 18:1-12 3. Kim, J.H. et al., 1999, The study of the Occurrence of Pinus Koraiensis offsprings in the deciduous Forest, J.Res. For. KNU, 19:41-48 4. Kim, J.H. et al., 1996, Forest Ecology (in Korean), 395pp, Hyang Moon Sa, Seoul, Korea 5. Kim, J.H. (translation), 1999, The Background of Ecology, 557pp, Arche pub co, Seoul, Korea
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:53:00

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