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Expert NameMr. Kun Woo Chun
DivisionDept of Forest Resources
InstitutionKangwon National University
CountryRepublic of Korea
Telephone82 361 250 8313
Work Experience
QualificationsBA (Forestry) Kangwon Nat'1 Uni. (1978), MLH (Forestry) Kangwon Nat'l. (1980), Ph.D. (Forestry) Kokkaido Univ. (1987)
Number of Publications136
Other ActivitiesMember, Japan Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Member, Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources Member, Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering Member, Japanese Forestry Society Member, Korean Forestry Society
Publications1. Chun, al., 1999, Effect of the Forest Road on Suspended Sediment Yield in the small Forest Watershed, 88(4): 477-484, Journal of Korean Forestry Society. 2. Chun, Kun-Woo. Et al., 1998, Variations in Amount, pH, Ec and Anions of stemflow in pinus Koraiensis and Larix Leptolepis Korea, Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems, 4(1) : 29-36, Japan 3. Chun, Kun-Woo. et al., 1998, The pH, Ec and Dissolved components of Torrent water, Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems, 3(2); 51-56, Japan 4. Chun, Kun-Woo. Et al., 1998 Amount of stemflow, pH, Ec and components of Bamboo, Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems, 3(2); 39-46 Japan 5. Chun, Kun-Woo et al, 1998, Variations in the pH, No3 and SO42 - concentrations of rainfall stemflow and Toreent in Chunchon Districts, Korea, Journal of Rainwater Catchments Systems, 3(2); 33-38, Japan
Last updated17/11/2014 12:56:00

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