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Expert NameDr. Nivong Sipaseuth
DivisionAgricultural Land Conservation and Development Centre
CountryLao PDR
Telephone00 856 21770027
Work Experience1991- 96, Research on soil fertility in rice production; 1997-2010 research on soil conservation in sloping land 2011- 2014, research on soil fertility, mainly organic fertilizers for Maize and rice production
QualificationsMsc in Soil science at Tashkent Agricultural University in 1990 and PH.D in Soil Sciences _at Kasetsat University of Thailand in 2009
Number of Publications9
AwardsRecognition in Research on soil conservation from IWMI
Other Activities
Publications1) Management of Sloping Land for Sustainable Agriculture, IBSRAM 1998, 2) The suitable rate of organic fertilizer for rice production in Lao PDR, NAFRI 2004; 3) Intensive test of NUMASS decision-aid tool in Lao PDR, 2004; 4) Sub soil nitrate and maize root distribution in main soil of maizes production in Thailand, 2007 5) Nitrogen fertilizer response of Maize on some important soils from DSAT, KasetsaUniversity 2007
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated28/01/2014 12:03:00

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