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Expert NameDr. Pheng Sengxua
DivisionAgricultural Land Use Planning Centre, Department of Agricultural Land Management
CountryLao PDR
Telephone00 856 21770075
Work Experience2003 Survey on upland farmers’ perception on soil fertility changing underslash and burn systems in northern Lao (for Ph.D thesis), 2005 Survey on the impact of opium elimination on farmers living conditions in northern Laos, 2006 Survey on Environment Impact Assessment in the Jatropha Curcas Plantation and Bio-diese Production Project cultivated area for the KOLAO company, 2007 Survey on the vegetable and fruit production and marketing system in Vientiane Capital for FAO/LAO/2007-0012; 2007-2008 Study on Production Development and Enhancing Efficiency for Rice Export Mechanism in Laos with National Economic Research Institute (NERI) and International Institute for Trade Development (ITD),Thailand, 2009 Rapid assessment of stock and marketing system of paddy/rice in Lao PDR, 2009-2014 Implementing Coordinator of Developed Improving Farming and Marketing Systems in Rainfed region of Southern Lao PDR
QualificationsMs.c in Agrochemistry in Tashkent PhD in soil sciences at the Agricultural University, Khonken University of Thailand in 2005
Number of Publications14
Other ActivitiesMember of IRRI and ACIAR
PublicationsJournal Participation: 1. Sengxua, P. and Linquist B. 2001. Nitrogen application in rainfed lowland rice in the Lao PDR. The Lao Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 3:32-41. 2. Linquist B.A. and Sengxua P. In Press. Efficient and flexible management of nitrogen forrainfed lowland rice. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems. 3. P. Sengxua, B. Toomsan, B. Linquist, R. Lefroy and V. Limpinuntana. The effect of tillage on performance of upland rice varieties in northern Laos. The Khon Kean Agri. J. 35 (1):70-83 (2007). 4) P. Sengxua, B. Toomsan, B. Linquist, R. Lefroy and V. Limpinuntana. Root growth and morphology of five different yielding upland rice varieties in northern Laos. The Khon Kean Agri. J. 35 (3) : 308-319 (2007) Other Published Conference Proceedings: 1) Whitbread, A., Schiller, J. and Lathvilayvong, P. 1998. Evaluating nutrient deficiencies and management strategies for lowland rice in Lao PDR. In: Ladha, J.K., Wade, L.J., Dobermann, A., Reichardt, W., Kirk, G.J.D. and Piggin, C. ed. Rainfed lowland rice: Advances in nutrient management research. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Nutrient Research in Rainfed Lowlands,12-15 Oct. 1998, Ubon Ratchatathani, Thailand. 2). Linquist, B.A., Sengxua, P., Whitbread, A. and Changpengsay. 1999. The potential of on-farm residues for improving rainfed lowland rice productivity. ACIAR Proceedings, 3) Chanphengsay, M., Whitbread, A., Schiller, J., Blair, G., Linquist, B.A., Lathvilayvong, P. and Sengxua, P. 1999. Soil fertility decline in Lao PDR and the potential of pre-rice green manures to improve the sustainability of rice production systems. ACIAR Proceedings
DisciplineLand Use Planning
Last updated12/11/2014 17:50:00

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