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Expert NameDr. Thavone Inthavong
DivisionAgriculture and Forestry Policy Research Centre, Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)
CountryLao PDR
Telephone00 856 85621770078
Emailthavone.i(at); i_thavone(at)
Work ExperienceMy project experiences are mainly focus on crop production constraints. These included (1) characterization of agro-ecological zoning for crop suitability in Lao PDR, (2) Spatial variations in water availability, soil nutrient and crop yield, (3) analysis of climate variability and the applicability of seasonal climate forecasting, included identifying a suite of crop, soil nutrient, water management techniques that build cropping systems, helping farmer decision making, as well as providing key NAFRI input into the development of adaptation strategies. Currently, I work for the Agriculture and Forestry Policy Research Centre, NAFRI with the role as Director of the Centre.
QualificationsPhD on Crop modelling at University of Queensland Australia in 2009.
Number of Publications13
Awards1. Awards on Great Contribuiton to Consolidation of Cooperation and Friendhip between Vietnam and Lao PDR 2. Awards on Contribution to Agricultural Research and Development 3. Government Medal on Great Contribution in Agricultural Research
Other Activities1. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) 2. Adaptation to Climate Change in Asia (ACCA) 3. Southeast Asia Regional Centre (SeaSTART) 4. Asian Food & Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (AFACI) 5. Climate Risk Management in Agriculture with Demonstration sites in Indonesia, Lao PDR and Bangladesh (CRMA)
Publications1) Inthavong, T. V., Kam, S. P., Basnayake, J., Fukai, S., Linquist, B., and Chanphengsay, M. (2004). Application of GIS technology for development of crop water availability maps for Lao PDR. In: Water in Agriculture, ACIAR proceeding 116 (V. Seng, E. Craswell, S. Fukai and K. Fischer, eds.), pp. 292 302. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra. 2) Inthavong, T. V., M. Tsubo and S.Fukai (2010). A water balance model for characterization of length of growing period and water stress development for rainfed lowland rice, Field Crops Research 121(2011) 291–301, 3). Inthavong, T. V., S.Fukai and M. Tsubo (2011). Spatial Variations in Water Availability, Soil Fertility and Grain Yield in Rainfed Lowland Rice: A Case Study from Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR. Plant Prod. Sci. 14(2): 184195 (2011), 4). Inthavong, T. V., M. Tsubo and S.Fukai (2012). Soil clay content, rainfall, and toposequence positions determining spatial variation in field water availability as estimated by a water balance model for rainfed lowland rice. Crop & Pasture Science, 2012, 63, 529–538, (5). Inthavong, T. V., S.Fukai and M. Tsubo (2013). Simulation model estimation of separate effect of water and nutrient limitation and variation in fertilizer requirement for rainfed lowland rice within a province in the Mekong region. Field Crops Research
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