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Expert NameMr. George Tohmé
InstitutionNational Council for Scientific Research
Telephone96 11 822842
Work Experience- Research and studies in Ecology and Antomology resulting in publications for UNEP (Consultant in U.A.E) - Studies to establish natural parks in Lebanon and U.A.E. from 1974 until now. - Presiding over the Environmental Consulting Group (about 50 scientists) at the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research to determine priorities in Environmental Research projects.
QualificationsDocteur en Sciences Naturelles (Entomology), Toulouse, 1972. (Docteur d'Etat). Professeur depuis 1972.
Number of Publications38
Awards- Commodore des Palmes Académiques (France) - Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur (France) - Membre IETC/UNEP Intern. Env. Technol. Centre
Other Activities- Professor of Zooecology at the Faculty of Science - Dean of this Faculty - 1988-1980. - President of the Lebanese State University 1980-1988. - Director IBE/UNESCO 88-92 in Geneva. - President Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research.
Publications1. Tohmé, (G&H) - 1985 - Ecologie du Liban, faits et exemples (in arabic) Pub. Univ. Lib. N°115, 216 p. Beirut. 2. Tohmé, (G&H) - 1985 - Les mammifères sauvages du Liban, Pub. Univ. Lib. (Beirut) N°16, 189 p. 3. Tohmé, Les oiseaux du Liban (in arabic) Pub. de l'Univ. Lib. (Beirut) 165p. Illustrations en couleur. 1986. 4. Tohmé, Les coquillages terrestres du Liban, Pub. de l'Univ. Lib. N°20, 113 p. 1988. 5. Tohmé, Contribution à l'étude de Thaumetopoea libanatica, Lebanese Science Bull. Vol. N°1, 1994.
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