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Expert NameDr. Mohamad Khawlie
DivisionNational Center for Remote Sensing
InstitutionNational Center for Remote Sensing
Telephone96 11 840260
Work ExperienceI got involved in relevant projects both as participant and advisor. Projects focused on soil erosion, terrain classification, land degradation and environmental impact, from the geological processes perspective. - Main investigator on several projects relating to land degradation; - Focal point of UNCCD for remote sensing; - Main contributor to Lebanon's National Action Plan; - Member in Regional & Mediterranean networks on desertification remote sensing.
QualificationsB.S. Geology, AUB 1970. M.S. Clays, Geochemistry, Univ. Illinois, 1972. PHD environmental Geology, University of Illinois, 1975 Ph.D. Geol., Environment, Univ. Illinois, 1975.
Number of Publications103
Awards1. Higher Council of Sciences - Damascus - 1979. 2. First Achievement in Scientific Prod. AUB 1981. 3 1st Prize Achievement of Science 1987 American Universitv of Beirut 4. National Council for Scientific Research Appraisal 2002
Other Activities1. National Committee to Combat Desertification. 2. National Committee of Climate Change. 3. National Committee of IGBP. 4. Member of Society on Natural Hazard. 5. Member of Society on Remote Sensing Env.
Publications1. Khawlie, M., 1990, Desertification in the Arab World. An Obstacle, Facing Arab Development. Arab Unity Studies Center, Beirut, 261 p. 2. Khawlie, M., 1999. Hot spots and sensitive areas - contribution of remote sensing to agro environmental mapping in Lebanon. in: Geoenvironmental Mapping. A.A. Balkema. USA. 3. Khawlie, M.. et al., 2002. Enhancing the role of remote sensing for encountering desertification in Lebanon. Proc. 2nd Workshop EARSeL, Bonn, Gerrnanv. 4. Khawlie, M., Faour. G.. 2003. Information through remote sensing to reduce Lebanon’s vulnerability to desertification. J. Options Méditerranéennes B:46 17-26. 5. Khawlie. M.. 2003. The impacts of climate change on water resources of Lebanon. In: Climate Change in the Mediterranean. Edward Edgar Pub., UK.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated06/07/2006 17:06:00

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