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Expert NameDr. Farkad Assi
DivisionFaculty of Health
InstitutionLebanese University
Telephone96 1 491765(03/615146 Pe)
Work ExperienceSince 1975 I have conducted ecological, biological and biogeographic research on the effects of the degradation of the woodlands ecosystem on the terrestrial fauna in general and the arachnological one in particular. Deforestation and over-grazing have created in Lebanon degraded flora, "garrigues" and "pre-steppe" zones. I have used spiders as an ecological indicator to desertification by studying their structure and the dynamic of their community. My last research is focused on a comparative study of the evolution of the arachnological fauna in "Mont Liban" and "Anti-Liban". The establishment of desertification is indicated by a profound perturbation in the spiders population characteristics and structure. I have noted the disappearance of certain spider species in the arid areas that are still present on the "garrigues" of Mont Liban.
QualificationsPhD. (Doctorat es Sciences Naturelles). Ecological research of the spiders community in a Lebanese "garrigue", Paris VI, 1983.
Number of Publications8
Other Activities- Researcher at the "Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques" - Member of Scientific Committee of Lebanese University. - Member of C.I.D.A.
Publications1. ASSI F, 1980. Quelques données biogéographiques, écologiques et biologiques sur l'araignée Agelena affinis (Kulezynski, 1911). Revue Arachnologique, 3 (1) 29-35. 2. ASSI F, 1982. a. Contribution à l'étude de la période larvaire et influence de la température sur le développement chez Agelena affinis (Kulezynski, 1911). Revue Arachnologique, 3 ( ) 29-35. 3. ASSI F, 1982 b. Contribution à la connaissance de l'Oonopidae Opopaea punctata (O.P. Camb.) du Liban, Revue Arachnologique 4:77-84. 4. ASSI F, Sous Presse: Etude de la dégradation des écosystèmes forestiers sur les populations d'araignées: 2 notes sur l'Anti-Liban. 5. ASSI F, 1996, les Arachnides in Faune terrestre du Liban. Etude de la diversité biologique au Liban, Projet GF/6/105. Projet des Nations Unies pour l'environnement.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated24/08/2009 10:47:00

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