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Expert NameMr. Adel Nassar
TitleResearch Assistant
DivisionForage Program - Pasture and Forages and Livestock Program (PFLP)
CityTerbol, Beka's Valley
Telephone961 8 956127
Work Experience- Improvements Resources of Grazing in Natural pastures by reseeding of Native Legumes & Protection from grazing and by transplanting of Fodder shrubs. - Sustainability and improvement of Forages productions in Semi-arid areas of Lebanon, by following the Cereals-Legumes rotations, as mixtures or pure stand crops. - Biodiversity conservations, mainly natural Pasture species and some Medicinal plants through the Agrobiodiversity Project in Lebanon.
QualificationsAgricultural High School Diploma (3 years) 1976-1978, from the Afgricultural high school, FANAR - Beirut, and 2 years Biology at the L.U. (1980-1981).
Number of Publications7
Awards1. In 1982,ICARDA's director general decided to award the first candidate of each program, so I was the first one of the Forage Program who received it as: ICARDA Award of Merit In recognition of my meritorious services at ICARDA -1982. 2. In 1993, the Pasture Forage & Livestock Program (PFLP) presented me as Person of the year Award in recognition of my excellent overall performance of a staff member. 3. In 1997, an honorary DIPLOMA, was received from the IX meeting of FAO-CIHEAM Sub-Network on Mediterranean Pastures and Fodder Crops, for the presented paper of Grassland Improvement by reseeding Native legumes and protection from grazing in the Beka'a valley.
Other Activities
Publications1. Osaman A.E., Christiensan S., Nassar A. and Ghassali F. Village approach in Rehabilitation of degraded pastures on Marginal lands in West Asia. “ID. N° 167, Annual report of ICARDA 1997”. 2. Osaman A.E., Nassar A. Grassland improvement by reseeding native legumes and protection from grazing In the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. “Dynamics and sustainability of Mediterranean pastoral systems – Zaragossa: CHIEAM-IAMZ, 1999. pp 147-151 (cahiers options méditerranéennes, Vol. 39). 3. Hamadeh S.K., Noprdblom T., Nassar A. Diversity of small ruminant systems in Lebanon marginal land. A response to constraints. “Livestock production and climatic uncertainty in the Mediterranean. – Agadir, Morocco, 1998 – EEAP publication N° 94, 2000”. 4. Yau S.K., Ryan J., Nassar A., Ma’acaroun R. Barley legumes rotations for Semi-arid areas of Lebanon. “European Journal of Agronomy – Elsevier, Europ. J. Agronomy, 19 (2003) 599-610.” 5. Yau S.K., Ryan J., Nassar A., Ma’acaroun R. Sustainable Barley legumes rotations for semi-arid areas of Lebanon, (phase of six years), already accepted last year (2005) and it is under publishing in the “European Journal of Agronomy – Elsevier”.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated06/07/2006 15:58:00

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