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Expert NameDr. Rian Baalbaki
TitleAssociate Professor
Telephone961 1 350000 ext. 4507
Work Experience1 - Evaluation, characterisation and conservation of wild plant biodiversity, and its sustainable use in agriculture. 2 - Drought and salinity stress effects on wild and cultivated crops. 3 - Exploring navel and traditional uses of our domesticated and wild plant resources for this region, and their use for agricultural and pest harvest purposes. 4 - Sustainable agricultural production in semi-arid region.
QualificationsPhd in seed sciences, Michigan State University, 1989
Number of Publications24
Other Activities
Publications1 - H. Zahreddine, C. Clubbe, R. Baalbaki, A. Ghalayini, and S.N. Talhouk, 2004. "Status of native species in breatered habitats: the case of Parratium maritimum". In Lebanon. Biological Conservation. In press. 2 - E.K. Barbour, S.H. Salman, R. Baalbaki and U.K. Sagherian, 2004. "Root yield of Echinacea purpurea L. Bench in relation to spacing in solarized soil and preservation of pressed root juice". Biological Agriculture and Horticulture. 22(2): 1-7. 3 - S. K. Yna, M. Bounejmate, J. Rynn, R. Baalbaki, A. Nassar, and A. Maacaroun, 2003. "Barley - Legumes rotations for semi-arid areas of Lebanon". European Jouranl of Agronomy. 19: 599-610. 4 - R. Zurayk, B. Sakkariyah, and R. Baalbaki, 2001. "Common hydrophytes as bioindicators of nickel, chromium and calcium pollution". Water, air and soil pollution.127: 373-388. 5 - R. Baalbaki, R. Zurayk, M. Adlan, and M.C. Saxera, 2000. "Effect of N-source and salinity level on salt accumulation of two chickpea genotypes". Journal of plant nutrition. 23(6): 805-814.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated22/01/2007 10:47:00

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