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Expert NameDr. Amin Mohamad Shaban
DivisionNational Center for Remote Sensing
CityBeirut, Lebanon
Telephone691 4 409845/6
Emailgeoamin(at)cnrs. edu. lb
Work Experience-Thermal airborne survey to detect submarine springs along the Lebanese coast line. This project concerned with identifying fresh water discharges into the sea. I could utilize how to all approaches of recognition and remote sensing application in this respect. -Studying the hydrogeology of coastal Lebanon. In this project I could benefit how to localize groundwater potential areas through identification of all factors influencing groundwater storage. -Assessment of water resources in the karstic areas of Lebanon. This project tackled all parameters affecting water resources management and conservation in a selected karstic region in Lebanon. Therefore, strategies and policies were identified.
Qualifications-AI-Fateh University (Libya), B.Sc. Geology, 1983 -American University of Beirut (Lebanon), M.Sc. Geology and Hydrogeology, 1989 -Bordeaux I University (France). Ph. D. Applied Geology (Hydrogeology Remote Sensing), 2003.
Number of Publications
Other Activities
Publications1. Shaban, A., Khawlie, M , Froidefond, J Girard, M-C., Bou Kheir, R., Caractérisation des facteurs morphométriques des réseaux hydrographiques correspondant aux capacités d’infiltrations des roches au Liban occidental. Zeitschrift fur Geimorphologie, vol. 484, pp 79-94. 2. Shaban, A., Khawlie, M , Abdallah, C., 2001. New water resources for Southern Lebanon: Thermal infrared remote sensing of submarine springs. Conference on South Lebanon: Urban Challenge in the Era of liberation, Beirut, 3-6/4/2001. 3. Shaban, A., 1999. Water resources assessment in occidental Lebanon: utility of remote sensing techniques. 10th International Symposium on Remote Sensing applications, Damascus, Syria, 20-23/l l/l999. 4. Shaban, A., Khawlie, M 1998. Geoenvironmental assessment of riparian zones under extreme climatic events: a case study of representative rivers in Lebanon. Symposium on Mediterranean rivers and their management, Zaragosa, Spain 21, 2-9/lO/l998. 5. Shaban, A., Khawlie, M , 1998. Geoenvironmental assessment through remote sensing of fresh water sources between Beirut and Anfeh coastal stretch (1 972-1 997). 4th International Conference on the geology of the Middle East, Beirut, 9-1 2/11/1998.
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