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Expert NameProf. Sleiman Fawwak
DivisionFaculty Agriculture and Fodd Science
CityBeirut / Lebanon
Telephone961 1 350 000 ext. 4455
Work ExperienceExpertise in ruminant nutrition including preservation and feeding of food by-products (such as potato vegetation, grape vine, sunflower, carrot pulp and apple pomade, silages) to livestock animals. Furthermore, good experience in sustainable livestock production on rangeland of Lebanon, in addition to improvement of sheep production systems in Lebanon. Also trained about 1500 dairy management practices and also trained about 43 persons on artificial insemination techniques (Al) and on forage production of all categories of dairy animals.
QualificationsPh.D Dairy Science, Michigan State University, 1972 M.Sc. Animal Science, American University of Beirut.
Number of Publications68
Awards1 – Advisor to the secretary of Agriculture, Government of Lebanon, 1984-1989. 2 – Head of the Lebanese delegation to the meetings of Agriculture of the Arab World, 1987-1989. 3 – Member of the scientific advisory Committee, animal production specialist, The International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), 1986-1990.
Other Activities
Publications1 – Bachattacharaya-Sleiman, 1971. “Beet pulp as a grain replacement for dairy cows and sheep”. J. of dairy Sc., Vol.45 p.89. 2 – Wu, Sadik-Sleiman, et al., 1994. 3Influence of Yucca extract on ruminal metabolism in cows ». J. of Animal Science, Vol. 72 p.1038. 3 – Wu, Sleiman and al., 1994. “Efficient of isocaloric infusion of glucose in the ruman or propionate in the duodenum”. J. of dairy Sc. Vol.77 p.-1556. 4 – Sleim, Abi Saab, 1995. “Influence of environment on respiration, heart rate and body temperature of filial crasses compared to local Awassi sheep”. J. of small ruminant research, Vol.16 p.17. 5 – Abisaab, Sleiman et al., 1997. « Implication of high and low protein levels on puberty and sexual maturity of growing male goat kids ». J. of small ruminants research, Vol.25 p.17.
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated15/01/2007 15:02:00

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