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Expert NameProf. Elie K Barbour
TitleProfessor of the Animal Sciences Department
Telephone961 3346194/350000 ext. 4460
Work ExperienceAs a principal investigator my project experience is involved in molecular characterisation of etiologic agents involved in economic diverse of desert animals (camels, goats, sheeps) and intensive farm avian (breeders, commercial layers and broilers). After molecular characterisation my research is focused on vaccinology to prepare adequate vaccines to protect against local strains such as Newcastle virus, Mycoplasma sp., infections bronchitis virus, salmonella, etc. Other works are focused on environmental microbiology studies of drinking water, and form litter used as soil conditioners. These works are directed towards sustainable resources in our environment.
QualificationsPhd, Veterinary microbiology, University of Minesota, 1988 Ms, Nutrition, American University of Beirut, 1976
Number of Publications84
Other Activities
Publications1 - Barbour E.K., Rawda N., Banat G., Jaber L., Sleiman F.T., and Hamadeh S.K., 2004. "Comparison of immunosuppression in dry lactating Awassi ewes due to water deprivation-stress. Veterinary Research Communications (UK), in press. 2 - Barbour E.K., Nabbut NH., and Al-Nakhli H.M., 1982. "Bacterial contamination of water in the Riyadhh region". National planting, Ministry of Saudi Arabia, Vol.2, pp. 342-352. 3 - Barbour E.K., Nabbut NH., and Al-Nakhli H.M., 1986. "Reduction of bacterial contamination in sewage effluents and soils of Saudi-Arabia: impact of sewage treatment technology and natural self purification". Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, Nov. 12-15 pp. 241-250. 4 - Barbour E.K., Hamadeh S.K., and Eid A., 2000. "Infection and immunity in broiler chicken breeders vaccinated with a temperature sensitive mutant of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and impact on performance of off springs". Poultry Science, Vol.78: 1730-1735. 5 - Barbour E.K., Husseini S.A., Itani D.A., Houalla R.H., and Hamadeh S.K., 2002. "Soil solarization: a sustainable agriculture approach to reduce microorganisms in chicken manure treated soil". Journal of sustainable agriculture 19: 95-104.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated22/01/2007 10:47:00

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