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Expert NameMr. Talih Masri
DivisionNational Center for Remote Sensing
CityMansourieh / Lebanon
Telephone961 4 409845 / 409846
Work ExperienceStudies of the Pinus pinea forest ecosystem, (CNRS project, Advisory); Acreage and yield estimation of greenhouses by remote sensing, (CNRS project, Advisory); Acreage estimation of wheat using remote sensing, (CNRS – Ministry of Economy project, Advisory); Soil Mapping using SOTER database, (CNRS project Participant); Management of Karstic areas, (CNRS -EU project Participant); Assessment of Lebanon's Vulnerability to climate change (UNDP-MoE Project, "Agriculture National Report"); Land use/ land cover change, (CNRS project, Advisory); Land suitability for Afforestation, (Lebanese-Syrian research project, Advisory); Forest fire prone areas: Classification and mapping (SDATEL Project, Participant); Rehabilitation of greenhouses in Lebanon (FAO -MoA -Leb.Univ. project).
QualificationsPh.D; Soil sciences soil chemistry (Plant nutrition); Friendship University; 1979 Ms. Soil sciences soil chemistry (Plant nutrition); Friendship University; 1975
Number of Publications28
Other Activities
Publicationsl- Talih El Masri (1999) Vulnerability assessment of Lebanese Agriculture to Climate Change. CLIMATE CHANGE. Technical Annex to Lebanon's First National Communication. Final Report UNDP, GEF, Ministry of Environment-Lebanon.3 2 P. 2- El-masri, T; Moussa, Z.; Routier, J; Awad, M. (1999) A Methodological Approach for Georeferenced Phytosociological description of Pinus pinea forest. Proceeding of "The 5th Annual Middle East GIS ESRI User Conference". May 17-20,1999.Beirut- Leban0n.P. 13- 11 13-6 3- Talih El-Masri, Raja Tannous, and Rami Zreik (1999) The Potential of Growing Lupine in a Pine Forest as a Fertilizing Agent and a Prevention Techniques to Forest Fires. In: (J.Bech Editor) Proceeding of "The 6th International Meeting of Soils with Mediterranean Type of Climate". 4-9 July Spain Barcelona P.P 242-244. 4- T. Masri, M. Khawlie, G. Faour (2002). Land cover change over the last 40 years in Lebanon. Lebanese Science Journal V.3, N" 2. P.p 17-28. 5- Masri T., Khawlie M., Faour G., and Awad M (2003) Mapping forest fire prone areas in Lebanon. Proceeding of the EARSeL 23rd Symposium of "Remote Sensing in Transition -4" international Workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications to Forest Fire Management, 6-7 June 2003". pp 109- 113. Edited by Emilio Chzcveieco, Pilar Martin and Chris Justice. Ghent University- EARSeL, 233 pages, ISBN: 2-908885-25-5 Belgium.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated24/08/2009 10:54:00

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