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Expert NameDr. Ghaleb Faour
DivisionLebanese National Center for Remote Sensing
CityBeirut / Lebanon
Telephone961 4409845 / 4409846
Work Experience2000 - recent : NCRSICERMOC Project Manager of Atlas of Localities -Data collection -Standardization of code and spatial boundaries of localities using cadastral maps -Homogenization with statistical data collected mainly by the Administration Central of Statistics and other public institute -Mapping and implementation of a National GIS 1996 – 1998 NCSRI Centro Scavi Italy AJNESCO Project Manager of Application of remote sensing in recognizing settlement patterns and land occupation in the territory of Baalbeck 2001 /2002 NCSR Ministry of Environment Ministry of Agriculture. Coordinator of the project Land cover Land use map at a scale l120000 covering Lebanon. Scientific supervision 2001 : NCSR/LEDO/UNDP/GRID-GENEVA - Project Manager of the project "Sea Pollution Detection Using Landsat Thermal images". Methodology implementation -Data Processing -Field verification -Data Interpretation and Analysis 2000-recent NCRS Project Manager of "Monitoring Urban Dynamic in Greater Beirut Area
Qualifications- DEA Optics and Image Processing, University of Marseille (France), 1991 - Ph.D. Opto-electronics and Image Processing, University of Marseille, 1995
Number of Publications37
AwardsMember of National comity of GIS created by the Council of Ministers since 2001
Other Activities
Publications1. Khawlie M. & Faour G., 2003. Information through remote sensing to reduce Lebanon's vulnerability to desertification. Option Méditerranéenne B:46. 2. Maxi T., Khawlie M., Faour G. & Awad M., 2003. Mapping forest fire prone areas in Lebanon. Proc. EARSEL 23rd Symposium on remote sensing in transition, Belgium. 3. Haddad T., Faour G., 2001, "Monitoring urban dynamics as a contribution to environmental assessment in Metropolitan Beirut, GTZ GIS Newsletter No. S., september 200 1 4. Faour, G.; Bou Kheir R.; Dawish T.; Shaban A.; Khawlie M., "Risk Assessment of Soil water erosion in the Karstic area of Lebanon ", 6th International Meeting Soils with Mediterranean Type of Climate, Barcelona (Spain), 4-9 July 1999 5. Faour G., ""Surveillance des dynamiques du changement de l'occupation du sol dans la région du Saida durant les quarante dernières années", 28-31 Mai 2001, UNESCOIFondation Hariri, Gestion des villes côtières historiques, Saida.
DisciplineInformation Systems
Last updated15/01/2007 15:02:00

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