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Expert NameDr. Mustapha Haidar
TitleAssociate Professor of Weed Science
DivisionFaculty of Agricultural and Food sciences
CityBeirut / Lebanon
Telephone961 3 917610
Work ExperienceOn 1995 - 1996 I was the Team Coordinator of terrestrial flora for the project Gf 16 105 (Biological diversity of Lebanon). On 1998 - 1999 1 was consultant for "Studies of the climate change impacts on the terrestrial Lebanese ecosystems" Project UNDPILEB1951G32 CNRS From 2000 1 am a member of the National Committee of consultants for LED0 (Lebanese Environment and Development Observatory) Ministry of Environment / UNDP. Now I am leading a research project at the Lebanese University to update ,with the new techniques, the vegetation map of Lebanon . The original map was drawn using aerial photographs and field investigations. For the updating process I am using the GIS database and the satellite images.
QualificationsPh.D, Weed Science, Colorado State University, USA M.Sc., Plant Protection, American University of Beirut, Lebanon B.Sc, Plant Protection, Baghdad University, Iraq
Number of Publications21
AwardsOfficier des Palmes Académiques - French Government
Other Activities
Publications1 . Haidar M.A., Iskandarani N., Sidahmed M. and Baalbaki R. 1999. Response of field dodder (Cuscuta campastris) seeds to solarization and chicken manure. Crop Protection 18:253-258. 2. Haidar M. and Sidahmad M. 2000. Soil solarization and chicken manure for the control of Orobanche crenata and other weeds in Lebanon. Crop Protection 19: 169-173 3. Haidar M.A., Bibi W and Sidahmad M.M. 2003. Response of branched broomrape (Orobanche ramosa) growth and development to various soil amendments in potato. Crop Protection 22:291-294. 4. Haidar M. A. 2003. Characterization of the interaction between cryptochromes and phytochromes in blue light-induced coiling and prehaustoria development of dodder (Cusczita canzpestris) seedlings. Annals of Applied Biology 143:57-62. 5. Sidahmed M.M., Awadalla H.H. and Haidar M.A. 2004. Symmetrical Multi-foil Shields for redfucing Spray Drift with authorship. (Accepted, Biosystems Engineering).
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated15/01/2007 15:03:00

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