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Expert NameDr. Nadim Farajalla
TitleAssistant Professor
CityBeirut / Lebanon
Telephone961 1 3450000
Work ExperienceBefore joining FAFS, Dr. Farajalla was a senior Environmental Engineer at Dar AI-Handasah Consultants (Shair & Partners). There he worked on a variety of drainage, storm water, sewerage and water supply studies in Lebanon, Turkey, Angola, Nigeria, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. From these, he has gained wide and valuable experience in feasibility and comparative cost studies, as well as in the preliminary and final design of such schemes. Dr. Farjalla also worked for Stone Environmental Inc. (Montpelier, VT, USA) where he was responsible for the environmental appraisal and design of various watershed management programs, water quality assessment and remediation efforts, fate and transport of pollutants in surface and ground water, and flood control efforts. A significant component of Dr. Farajalla's professional experience in the USA focused on the development of watershed management approaches pollution problems especially non-point source pollution. He led a team that studied the impact of landuse changes on non-point source phosphorous loadings into Lake Champlain and assessed the impact of future development on lake water quality. is doctoral research focused on issues of scale in stormwater runoff simulation within watersheds using GIS technology. He was a key participant in the development of a GIS integrated stormwater runoff model using the latest approaches in distributed hydrological modeling. Key research interests are in watershed management, fate and transport of contaminants, best management practices, and scale issues in hydrology.
QualificationsUniversity qualifications (degree, subject, university, year): PHD, Environmental, University of Oklahoma, 1995 MS, Environmental. University of Oklahoma, 1992 MS, Irrigation Sciences, Utah State University, 1989 B S, Agriculture, American University of Beirut, 1985
Number of Publications11
AwardsOutstanding Research Award, University of Oklahoma's Graduate Students in Research & creative activities, 1993
Other Activities
Publicationsl. Vieux, B.E., Farajalla, N.S. and Gaur, N., 1996. "Integrated GIS and Distributed Stormwater Runoff Modeling", in GIS and Environmental Modeling: Progress and Research Issues, Goodchild et al (editors), GIS World Books, Fort Collins Colorado USA: pp. 197-204 2. Farajalla, N.S. and Vieux, B.E., 1994. "Capturing the Essential Spatial Variability in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling: Infiltration Parameters", International Journal of Hydrologic Processes, Vol. 8 pp. 221-236. 3. Vieux, B.E. and Farajalla, N.S., 1994. "Capturing the Essential Spatial Variability in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling: Hydraulic Roughness Coefficient", international Journal of Hydrologic Processes, Vd. B. 4. Vieux, B.E. and Farajalla, N.S., 1W. "Temporal and Spatial Aggregation of NEXRAD Rainfall Estimates on Distributed Storm Runoff Simulation", Proceedings, National Committee on Geographic Information Analysis, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A 5. Farajalla, N.S. and WUX, B.E.. 7995. "Error Propagation in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling". Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Vol. 76, No. 17, April 25, 1995. Abstract for the 1995 Spring meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
DisciplineAtmospheric Sciences
Last updated15/01/2007 15:02:00

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