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Expert NameMrs Jala Makhzoumi
TitleAssociate Professor, Landscape Design and Eco-Management
DivisionFaculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Telephone691 1 350 000 ext:441212739
Work ExperienceSince 1983 I have combined my professional expertise as an architect and landscape designer and academic research experience to advise government agencies, NGOs and private institutions on the planning and implementation of large scale projects (new towns, university campuses, nature conservation) advocating a holistic approach that is informed by the ecological sciences to prioritize on the sustainable utilization of land and natural resources. The following are key projects: Ana New Town Landscape Master Plan, Upper Euphrates, Iraq (Consultant and landscape planning, Ministry of Housing) A problematic site with no top soil, a wasteland. Tourist Development, North Cyprus (Ecological landscape planning and management, Private Investor) Project for Sustainable Agriculture, Malta (Consultant and landscape planning, Private Investor) Ebel-es-Saqi Woodland Development, Lebanon (Development study and landscape planning, UN-ESCWA) AUB Campus Landscape: Vision for the Future (Landscape evaluation and sustainable development) Holistic Landscape Development in Zgherta, Lebanon (Integrated rural development and sustainable use of biodiversity, I BSAR)
QualificationsBS Architecture University of Baghdad, Iraq, 19971 MED Masters of Environmental Design Yale University, USA, 1975 PhD Landscape University of Sheffield, UK, 1996
Number of Publications19
Other Activities
Publications1. Makhzoumi, J and Pungetti, G (1999) Ecological Landscape Design and Planning. The Mediterranean context. SponIRoutledge, London 2. Makhzoumi, J (2002) Landscape in the Middle East: An inquiry. Landscape Research. Vol. 27, No.3, pp. 21 3-228. 3. Makhzoumi, J (2002) Landscape ecology as a foundation for landscape architecture: applications in Malta. Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 50: NO. 1 & 3, pp. 167-1 77 4. Makhzoumi, J (1997) The changing role of rural landscapes: olive and carob multi-use tree plantations in the semiarid Mediterranean. Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 37, pp. 11 5-1 22.
Last updated06/07/2006 14:48:00

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