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Expert NameDr. Khaled Ben-Mahmoud
TitleProfessor of Soils
DivisionSoil & Water Sci. Dept./Fac. of Agriculture
InstitutionUniversity of Al-Fateh
CountryLibyan Arab Jamahiriya
Telephone218 21 3602207
Work Experience1. Teaching at the Universities in Libya for the last 21 years. Soils courses. 2. Engaged as an expert and consultant in soil survey work for the last 20 years. 3. Member of the national technical committee for natural resources researches. 4. Consultant in the areas of soil protection and environmental protection.
QualificationsB.Sc. Soil Science, University of Cairo, Egypt, 1969.M.Sc. Soil Science, Colorado State University, 1973 Ph.D. Soil Science, Colorado State University, 1977.
Number of Publications28
Other Activities1. Memberships in American Soc. Agron. 1970-1988. 2. Memberships in Soil Sci. Soc. America, 1970-1988.
Publications1. Ben-Mahmoud K.R. 1994. Desertification in Libya. J. National Academy of Sci. Res. 2. Ben-Mahmoud K.R. 1995. Soil of Libya (textbook in arabic), 615 p, NASR. 3. Ben-Mahmoud K.R. 1988. The state of art in the field of soil protection against rainfall erosion in the Mediterranean coastal zone of Libya. 4. Ben-Mahmoud K.R. 1998. Sopils of Libya and salinity problems. J. of Agr. Res. Centre. 5. Ben-Mahmoud K.R. 1981. Sandy Soils of Libya. Univ. of Al-Fatah Pub.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated09/05/2007 17:45:00

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